Tax & Self Assessment

Edwards Veeder offer services and assistance in all aspects of taxation: self-assessment, income tax, corporation tax, VAT, capital gains and inheritance tax.

Mitigating tax liabilities is the priority of all clients and we offer expert tax planning advice to achieve this goal. Furthermore, given our experience in this field, our taxation services also include advice in dealing with HM Revenue and Customs investigations and enquiries.

We can help you to minimise your tax bill. Edwards Veeder’s specialist tax knowledge can be tapped to provide sound tax advice to all sizes of businesses and individuals too.

Self-Assessment clients are dealt with on a one to one basis to ensure that the best personal tax advice can be given. We charge competitive rates for completion of tax returns and we can guarantee that your tax return will be completed on a timely basis.

Now that the onus is firmly on companies to prepare their own self-assessment corporation tax forms in line with individuals, it is now more essential than ever that your company’s forms are completed correctly. Edwards Veeder’s tax department will ensure that all relevant information is provided accurately and submitted to HM Revenue and Customs before the due date.